Rock n’ Roll Princess

Take a classic Princess story, stir in all the bells and whistles of the 21st Century, sprinkle in a dash of “Legally Blonde” and a dash of “Pink” and you have Rock n’ Roll Princess.

Rock n’ Roll Princess is a glamorous teenage Rock Comedy, with an original Soundtrack of 10 fantastic rock songs, spliced into the script, interactive with the Rock n’ Roll Princess Website. All the music is designed to augment the storyline in spectacular fashion, just like the hit song you are listening to now, “Rock n’ Roll Princess.”

The Movie

RR-Princess-V-PosterPrincess Isabella is a music prodigy from Central Europe who lives to sing and play rock n’ roll.   Her Mother is manipulating her into marrying a handsome but pompous Prince from Western Europe, in order to save the family fortune in the global economy. Isabella just wants to be free from all these responsibilities and try to live her life, her own way, so she outwits her Mother, escapes to America, “incognito” and enrolls at Hollywood High School.

Isabella receives a heavy dose of resistance from all the Students and Evan, the super cool leader of the school rock band, because of her know-it-all and prima donna ways. Eventually, Isabella wins them over with her musical talents and splendid witticisms, joins the Band and the Band becomes a sensation on the Sunset Strip. Through it all, Isabella and Evan fall in love.

Isabella’s Parents become aware of her antics and eventually catch up with Isabella at the Prom, right at the moment she is performing her new song, “Rock n’ Roll Princess.” The King and Queen reveal Isabella’s true identity and she has no choice but to breakup with Evan, returning home to marry the Prince for the welfare of her people.

Isabella’s romantic scandals with Evan go viral and the sincerity of the arranged marriage between the Royals is questioned in the national media. Evan decides to sell his prize possession, his Fender Stratocaster and fly to the rescue, but the Queen intervenes and seduces Evan with a “princely sum.”

On the day of the wedding, Evan has misgivings and returns the Queen’s gratuity on national TV. Shortly thereafter, he discovers that the Band’s Website has been bombarded and Isabella’s song, “Rock n’ Roll Princess,” just sold over a million downloads.

So Evan sets out on a Vespa, chased by Royal Authorities, crashes the wedding in front of a worldwide television audience and boldly announces that; “Rock n’ Roll Princess just went to number one!” Suddenly, Isabella realizes that she just became a Rock Star, on the altar and doesn’t have to marry the Prince after all. So, Isabella calls off the wedding in hilarious and dramatic fashion.


Rock n’ Roll Princess is conceived as a worldwide commercial entertainment vehicle, a “Franchise Movie,” designed to facilitate a Rock Star Brand through vertical and cross platform integration. Princess Dolls, Princess Dresses, the Rock n’ Roll Princess Guitar and the Rock n’ Roll Princess Jeans, emblazoned with the Rock n’ Roll Princess logo.

The Rock n’ Roll Princess Merchandising Department would negotiate an introductory offer at a nationwide retailer, with a center-store-display of all the Rock n’ Roll Princess merchandise, coordinated with the opening run of the movie. Subsequently, the Rock n’ Roll Princess line of Dresses and Jeans would be slotted in, becoming a permanent brand, designed and maintained by a major fashion label, supported by advertising and sequels.


Rock n’ Roll Princess is equal parts a Princess Movie and a Rock n’ Roll Movie, as the title implies.

During production, Rock n’ Roll Princess will produce several music videos or “music trailers,” based on key songs from the movie, followed by the launch of the Rock n’ Roll Princess Website. The Marketing Department will distribute these “music trailers” to all the entertainment media outlets, well in advance of the opening, generating traffic to the Website, turning downloads before Rock n’ Roll Princess even premiers.

The Rock n’ Roll Princess Soundtrack will lead the charge at Oscar time and be guaranteed a nomination for Best Song, followed by Best Actress, for a one-of-a-kind comedic and musical performance and who knows, with ten nominations these days, Best Picture.

Bottom line; Rock n’ Roll Princess has THREE REVENUE STREAMS, Movie, Music and Merchandising, where the music leads the marketing and drives tens of millions of teenage fans into the theater.

Princess Isabella

Isabella may just be, one of the most extraordinary and electrifying film characters ever created, a “movie” Rock Star Princess who always knows the perfect thing to say and do.

A modern-day self-empowered young woman, a natural born comedian, who possesses a brilliant and spontaneous personality, a prankster effervescent enthusiasm for life, which summons hilarity in the face of adversity, everywhere she goes. A walking-talking, singing-dancing, Renaissance woman, who renders Mozart on the violin, rips electric guitar behind her back, is a nightingale songstress, quotes the classic scholars and serenades musical theater at the drop of a hat.

One moment Isabella is serving up over-the-top farcical comedy, running circles around her contemporaries, the next moment she is packing the rafters on the Sunset Strip, bringing down the house.

Legally Blonde

If there is one seminal film character that Isabella closely resembles it’s, Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. Just like Elle, on the outside, Isabella is extremely manicured and sashays around with a sparkle, passion and animation that should be infectious, but only comes across irritating to the jealous Students that surround her.

On the inside, both Elle and Isabella are extremely smart individuals, one with a fabulous fashion sense, the other a super talented and educated woman, which enables both ladies to overcome all obstacles and win the day. Just like the comedy in Legally Blonde is derived from this comedic construction, Isabella can spontaneously retrieve funny and obscure references out of her bag of scholarly tricks, playacting from her classic repertoire, always at the ready with a snappy retort.

Hollywood Ending

Today’s Royal Wedding would be an over-hyped CNN worldwide television spectacular, Prince William marries Kate Middleton, on the BBC. Rock n’ Roll Princess opens up the movie and the Third Act with a surprise element; the “Luxania Network News,” or LNN, which reveals the story and drives the movie with a perfect mix of live action and Network coverage, disseminated to YouTube playbacks on computers and iPads.

Rock n’ Roll Princess finishes in grand style as Evan and Claudine, Isabella’s best friend, race to stop the wedding on Claudine’s Vespa, with the police giving chase and LNN “Helicopter One” tracking their every move from the air. The people of Luxania flow out of bistros to witness all the heroics as they zoom by, while the rest of the world is glued to the broadcast, loving every moment of Isabella’s wild theatrics on the altar as she makes a mockery of the hypocrisy.

Fantasy Movie

Rock n’ Roll Princess is the ultimate “Fantasy Movie.” Isabella knows everything, does everything, she’s almost to perfect, which begs the question (which the movie does); is Isabella a mere mortal in a fictional story, or is she a Spiritual Being and are we living in Isabella’s “fantasy?”

Are we a fly on the wall, watching the story unfold as it happens “or,” does Isabella already know the stories outcomes and is she playacting for the audience, tongue-and-cheek, wink-and-nod?

Maybe Isabella is an angel, sent from heaven, to deliver an inspirational message to all the young teenage girls and the way she chooses to deliver that message is, through a movie. Pop culture. The glamour of rock n’ roll. Maybe Isabella “is” the movie, “is” the medium, “is” the director-producer of the show. We will never know.


Rock n’ Roll Princess is conceived as a Fifteen Million Dollar production, based on A-LIST TALENT, thirty days in the Czech Republic, twenty days in Los Angeles.